The Speedfactory containers setup in London.

A collection of the latest Adidas innovations comes together in Speedfactory - a robotic factory able to create truly custom shoes without human intervention. To promote this campaign Resn Amsterdam created a mobile datalab in 2 shipping containers, filled with 5 interactive installations: three photobooths, two highly precise 3D foot scanners, a treadmill experience, an interactive skeleton mirror and an interactive shoe.
Together with Sylvain Vriens I was involved in the development of all the installations. The extremely tight time frame meant we had to design a system focused around re-usability of modules for things such as rendering or camera control.

The photobooths perform face analysis and render an overlay aligned with the user's face.

The containers travel through 6 major cities around the world: London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Tokyo. For each location I have been part of the technical team that builds up the installations and does on site support.

The 3D foot scanner provides users with exact measurements of their feet as well as a 3D visualisation.

Visitors are being recorded from 5 cameras during the treadmill experience and a 30 second video is sent to their phone. Photo taken in Paris.

Rachel Hui and Karlie Kloss playing with the Kinect-based interactive skeleton visualisation in Shanghai.
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